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A glimpse of the future

The Blogger API 2.0 Developer Preview is here. And it looks good. Very consistent. Everything I can think of is there, including (finally) the ability to pull out all the posts on a blog in chunks, IMHO the biggest hole in both the original Blogger API and the metaWeblog API.

If Radio, Manila and Movable Type get behind this, it will be great for post portability. Looking forward to it.

bzero 0.12 in the pipeline

Thinking about new features for bzero 0.12. Posting to your weblog by e-mail is definitely going to be in there.

Any requests?

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Weblog metrics

Chris Gulker has a writeup on weblog metrics, using UserLand's top 100 Radio weblogs and the Blogging Ecosystem as data sources, which basically says you have to be famous to get lots of hits. Also that the top 10 Radio weblogs don't link out much, which is interesting, considering that one particular Manila weblog does most of the linking on the ecosystem ;-)

Another blog browser!

Hey, cool, Pete Cole has done one too. It appears to run inside the browser, using his Zeepe Framework (?). And the default blog to view is Second p0st. Thanks, Pete :-)

More info on the aforementioned framework. It looks like a generic way to make OddPost-like sites. Interesting ...