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More on search engines

It may be possible to adapt existing search engine code to get a reliable search engine for PyCS.

Follow that link to get today's notes on search engines (mnoGoSearch, ht://dig, ZCatalog).

In other news, I installed ht://Dig on FreeBSD today. Follow that link for my notes (a quick HOWTO, like the mnoGoSearch one yesterday). It looks further along than mnoGoSearch - it does context properly, for example. The current stable version doesn't handle phrase matching (you can search for foo and bar but not "foo bar"), but the beta does, so I'm installing that right now to see how it goes.

If that does work OK, I'll see about building the htsearch module as a Python extension, which would let me call it from a script -- say, system/ More on this if it works!

Update: Phrase-matching does indeed work in the latest (beta) version of ht://Dig. Very nice. It's getting late, though, so I'll work on the Python bindings another day.

Update: I've written about this on the PyCS mailing list.