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LazyWeb update

Just in from Ben Hammersley: the LazyWeb is using new code.

David Raynes's Post-It seems to be an addin for Movable Type to route TrackBack pings straight to a blog. This makes it very easy for MT users to build sites like (... these are very much like channels on my Internet Topic Exchange but rather more configurable).

Here's a test. TrackBack being browser-friendly and all, I should be able to put an HTML form here and let you post to ...


Once you've typed in your details and clicked 'Send TrackBack ping', you'll get a bit of XML showing up in your browser. If it says <error>0</error>, it worked fine and you can now visit Rayners's site and see what you just typed. Enjoy!

(This is exactly how the forms at the bottom of the Topic Exchange topic pages work, BTW).