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Google just bought Pyra

I don't usually repost things from Slashdot, but this sort of thing doesn't happen every day.

And just when I'm hacking on search engines for blogs. Heh.

Early search results

[continued from 2003-2-6]

(That is to say, PyCS will have search engine integration soon. I've got the search CGI from the ht://Dig search engine to build as a Python module and call back into Python code to check authentication details. This means it'll soon be possible to have community servers of Radio (or bzero, PyDS) weblogs which can let you search through only the weblogs you are permitted to see.)

Update: Note that you can already use ht://Dig (or any other search engine) to search weblogs on a PyCS server, but this will let you define really twisty access control rules and have them respected by the search engine. If you just want to have a search facility for some public blogs (or some private blogs without weird access rules), you won't need this extension.
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