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Blosxom <-> PyCS

Not content with any of the three blogging tools that support PyCS (and Radio's xmlStorageSystem protocol), but not wanting to leave the PyCS community, Robert Barksdale wants to use Blosxom over there.

There'd be a bit of hackery involved, but if there's a Perl hacker out there with a spare evening, you might want to implement the following. Note that this will also let you publish to places like and, so it's not limited to our little community:

1. Get blosxom to ping the PyCS updates page when you post. This is the same as pinging Weblogs.Com, i.e. very easy.

2. Get blosxom to send its files to, the same way bzero does, instead of using ftp or rsync or whatever you use at the moment. You'll need to be able to create an account on a community server, and send files. Also not hard. I've written an article on doing this in Python (e-mail me for a copy if you want) if you'd like a walk-through.

Perl has an XML-RPC library, so both of these would be pretty easy to do ...
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Semantic blogging tool?

Danny Ayers is working on a 'semantic weblog server'. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. The semantic web needs working apps, so the rest of us can get a clue re what it's all about.