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Radio TrackBack on Python Community Server

I just did a quick test to make sure that TrackBack does indeed work when you run a copy of Radio against PyCS. It does :-)

You have to go to the prefs page and change the trackback URL to, because it doesn't seem to pick that up automatically, but otherwise everything seems to work fine.
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Looking for MP3 player recommendations

I'm seriously considering buying a MP3 player. I want something I can fill up via USB, so I can put new songs on it without having to burn CD-Rs. It has to have decent sound quality, and at least 256 MB of storage. Not necessarily built-in -- ideally it should take SD or MMC cards (so I can use its storage space when the card on my camera runs out if I'm away for a while), although CompactFlash is OK. It would be nice if I could charge it via USB, or at least charge it without removing any batteries.