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GeoBlog after a day or so

I've had Mikel Maron's the World as a Blog open in a browser window since Friday night (it's the middle of Saturday afternoon now) and it's starting to look pretty cool. New Zealand is in the bottom right-hand corner. Second p0st will show up between the left-hand and middle dots, when this post makes it online.

Picture of Mikel Maron's 'The World as a Blog' app

I was interested to see a report of the earthquake that hit a few hundred km south of where I live early yesterday morning appearing there. The site that hosts the report has a cool feature - you can associate a location with each post, and it pings separately so the post will show up in Mikel's app. You can also pick areas on a world map to see recent posts. Here's all of New Zealand, plus a chunk of south-west Australia. Nice.