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tech notes and web hackery from a new zealander who was vaguely useful on the web back in 2002 (see: python community server, the blogging ecosystem, the new zealand coffee review, the internet topic exchange).


New Zealand English

Wow ... Wikipedia certainly is detailed. Somebody even took the time to describe the difference between the way kiwis and Australians talk: New Zealand English!

Flash adventure game -- lost URL

Can someone help me out here? I followed a link from somebody's blog a week or two ago to a Myst-like graphical adventure game (in Flash). It starts off with a view of some sort of asteroid, then zooms out to show two asteroids, and you end up shooting this little rocket and landing in a field full of guys with pointy hats.

But now I've lost the link... if you know the game I'm talking about, can you post a link to it in the comments?

Update: thanks Vishi -- it was Samorost, by Amanita Design. Click on the spots on the mushroom (on the second page) to see more of what these guys can do. Very impressive.

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