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Restaurant reviews

Marc points out a new restaurant review site, for NYC. Nice. Anyone can add or edit. The sort of place that might form a community.

I wonder if there are any good restaurant review sites for Christchurch. For the purposes of this test, I'm going to define "good" as "includes Osaka-ya". Osaka-ya is a great little Japanese restaurant in the central city - I eat there probably once every couple of weeks. Not much on the web about it - google: osaka-ya christchurch gets most of it.

It's obscure but very popular/busy. I don't expect it to show on any bland "paid inclusion"-type list, but I'd consider it a required entry to any real restaurant site.

OK: Google for "christchurch restaurants" and what do we get? A few "travel guide" sites. Obviously somebody's had a go at adding restaurants to, but I can't see anywhere to add anything myself. And there's only one in the "Japanese" category - Sala Sala (expensive, really well known). Nope. might be a better bet - after all, somebody added my photoblog to their photo galleries and webcams list, so at least there's some activity there. Restaurants are hard to find from the front page -- they seem to be hidden under business and finance (a search gets me there). Uh-oh, it's small enough that Japanese restaurants don't even get their own category - the sole representative is, once again, Sala Sala, showing up twice in the Asian category. Damn.

Next: has a Japanese restaurants section that includes Osaka-ya. Just an address/phone number though. That site is terrible to use, too. It feels like a vehicle to sell discount cards. Managed to convince Vodafone and MORE FM to advertise, though, so it must have some credibility in the business community. Hmm.


Here's almost exactly what I want: google for christchurch food review and get, which has three reviews for Osaka-ya. It's a bit more heavily edited than addyourown, but the critical thing -- letting users add to the site -- is there. Perfect.