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Heh ... I just clicked through Hans Nowak's link to PyZine #5 and it looks like my Applied XML-RPC: Painless Web Publishing article, that I thought had been forgotten, made in in there.

Strangely, it's classed as a 'product review', which it isn't ... ?

Now, let's see if I can get them to give me a free membership so I can actually read it!

This is kind of a weird situation, because Brian (the ex-publisher) didn't ask for copyright assignment, but the new publisher does, and forbids republishing articles without permission. I guess I'm meant to be paid, as well. Let's see how this goes :-)

Update: I managed to get in touch with the editor. It turns out that the magazine isn't published yet, as such, which makes everything make a lot more sense! It'll be an article, not a product review, when published, and they'll be talking to me during the editing process. I get a free subscription, too, which is nice.

Update 2: Just to clarify -- at the request of the publisher -- the new Py is published more like a weblog, with articles coming out one at a time, spaced a week or two apart. Three articles have been published already for Py #5 and the rest are yet to come. So when I said that the magazine wasn't published yet, I should have said the my article isn't published yet. Bits of the issue are published, and other bits aren't.

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