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Coding personality

An observation from work today: you can figure out who wrote a function by looking at the name.

I work in a small team - of four programmers. One of us has pretty much sole responsibility for about 1/4 of the code, and the other three (including me) share the rest.

If a function name looks_like_this, with underscores and no capital letters, I wrote it. If it has InitialCaps, it's by another guy. The third guy uses camelCaps.

This is typically considered to be terribly sloppy coding, and it is a bit embarrassing sometimes. However, it has been very useful recently, as it lets us quickly figure out who we need to hassle when something goes wrong. Heh.

Toolserver Framework for Python

Georg Bauer just released the Toolserver Framework for Python, a Medusa-based web server that makes it extremely easy to implement SOAP and XML-RPC endpoints. Convenient. A good starting point if you want to create a SOAP or XML-RPC service in Python (with better performance than the usual way, using a CGI script under Apache).

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