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Need better e-mail database

IMAP is starting to suck here; the folder that collects message from my girlfriend is up to 1300-ish and it's taking all day for Mutt to open it. Getting seriously tempted to try putting it all (a few hundred megs) into a postgres DB or something. But then how do I get to it from my mail client? Or perhaps I can get Mutt to read the maildir directly instead of going via IMAP; that would be good.

Need a better way of downloading my mail, too, because that is taking far too long. Right now I run the 'getmail' script, and it opens an SSH connection to my server and runs the server-side spam deleter, then runs through a list of pop3 servers to download mail from. The SSH connection takes too long, but is handy because it lets me get rid of the most annoying spam. I'm thinking a nice way to get my mail would be to get the app I run over SSH to package up all the mail for me to download in one big .tar.bz2 that I can pick up with SCP or something later.