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Alternate ways to get a New Zealand phone number

Business phone lines in New Zealand are expensive: NZ$65 per month! Ouch!

What are the alternatives? Does anyone offer a SkypeIn-like service in New Zealand? I've had a quick look around and found a couple that let people call an Auckland number, but nothing in Christchurch.

Kiwi VOIP providers

- is trialling a service that will give you an 09 (Auckland) number for NZ$9.95+GST per month.

- Australian outfit BroadBand Phone doesn't give you your own number, but people can dial 09 970 3151 (in Auckland) and enter your ID number and get to you.

- SkypeIn can give you an overseas number.

And for faxing...

- eFax can assign you a number in a bunch of countries. They can do 09 (Auckland) numbers in NZ, but not 03 (Christchurch) ones.