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OpenSSL: How to create a DSA key and sign things

Some command lines that may be useful if you want to implement an OpenID identity server or consumer:

openssl dsaparam 1024 < /dev/random > dsaparam.pem
openssl gendsa dsaparam.pem -out dsa_priv.pem
openssl dsa -in dsa_priv.pem -pubout -out dsa_pub.pem
echo "foobar" > foo.txt
sha1sum < foo.txt | awk '{print $1}' > foo.sha1
openssl dgst -dss1 -sign dsa_priv.pem foo.sha1 > sigfile.bin
openssl dgst -dss1 -verify dsa_pub.pem -signature sigfile.bin foo.sha1

With any luck I'll have some PHP code available soon for the server side ...
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