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PHP OpenID consumer is working!

My PHP OpenID consumer is working!

Here's a guestbook demo to show it off (inspired by Mart's original).

This will be out as open source fairly soon. The only binary libraries it needs are either gmp or bcmath. It seems that at least one of these is usually installed with PHP - I have bcmath on my development machine and it ran fine on my web server the first time I sent it up there.

As an aside, this week of evenings hacking on OpenID have been fun. This reminds me of a couple of years ago, when Dave Winer would propose something and an army of hackers from around the place would build it over the next few days/weeks. You don't get the chance that often to be part of an important piece of infrastructure like this.

Update: My PHP stuff is all out of date now (2006). Google for php openid to get a PHP OpenID client - it seems that the main one is this one from

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Now parsing ASN (PEM) files and verifying signatures

(Continued from yesterday.)

OK, now my ASN parser can spit out the binary data containing the integers needed to describe a DSS public key. This and a little bit of glue code now lets me use the DSS functions from Daiji Hirata's Auth_TypeKey PHP module to verify DSS signatures - without OpenSSL!

So now I can start on the PHP OpenID consumer code...

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