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PeopleAggregator v0.01/r9 released

Another "unofficial release" announcement; I've just pushed PeopleAggregator v0.01/r9 up to the download/update site.

Installation info

To install, go to and either download a tarball and install from there, or check the code out from Subversion and install from there.

Upgrade info

If you installed from Subversion, you can upgrade from any version to v0.01/r9. Just run svn update and php web/update/run_scripts.php from your PeopleAggregator root directory (the parent directory of web).

If you installed from a tarball and are running v0.01/r7, you should be able to update to v0.01/r9 using the built-in updater (browse to http://your-site-url/update/system_update.php and follow the instructions). If you are running a version prior to v0.01/r7, you need to go through the process described in my blog post on the 25th to update.

Any trouble?

If you have any trouble, contact me directly by clicking on the envelope → ← and I'll do my best to sort you out!


PA v0.01/r9 is built from revision 562 of our internal Subversion repository.

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