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PeopleAggregator v0.02/r13

I just pushed another PeopleAggregator release up to the update site: v0.02/r13.


As usual, hit to get the tarball or Subversion URL, or a link to the install docs.

Upgrading from versions prior to v0.01/r7

To update from anything before v0.01/r7, follow the instructions at the end of this link.

Upgrading from v0.01/r7 or later

Versions from v0.01/r7 on should be upgradable using the usual process - visiting http://your-site-url/update/system_update.php and following the prompts if you installed from a tarball, or typing svn update & php web/update/run_scripts.php if you installed from Subversion.


PA v0.02/r13 is built from revision 588 of our internal Subversion repository.

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