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Need Quicksilver for Windows

Or something like it, anyway. I like the Vista Start Menu search feature, where you hit the Windows key, type a few letters of the name of the app you want, and hit ENTER, and it finds it for you. But Vista has its problems, and I'm still running XP on a separate machine. It would be nice to have something that made it just a little quicker to open useful developer things like:

- anything on the Start Menu (as in Vista).

- the current user's Application Data folder.

- certain favourite files/folders/shortcuts, for current projects.

- commonly used SSH connections.

I could just make a bunch of scripts, and to a certain extent I have done that, but the UI for Vista's Start Menu search has shown me that it's possible to do better than that. Anybody have any good apps for Windows that do this? (E-mail me - comments not working, sorry!)

Update: Found! Thanks to H Durer for recommending Launchy! It's just what I want, indexing just the start menu and not the rest of the disk, and with plugins to index all sorts of other things (Firefox bookmarks and so on).

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