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PeopleAggregator v1.2 pre-release 1

Just a quick note to say that I've just pushed the first EARLY pre-release version of PeopleAggregator 1.2 to the download/update site.

The version string for this one is v1.2pre1. Expect a v1.2pre2 and perhaps a v1.2pre3 over the coming weeks before we come out with the actual v1.2 (and then update the website).

New installation

For a new installation, check out the instructions on, the download site. I recommend installing via Subversion if you have a copy, but there are also tarballs and zip files. Don't miss the installation guide (highlighted in yellow, up the top of the page); it's really helpful!

Updating using the built-in update system

Unfortunately, the magnitude of this update (the Subversion XML diff is 25 MB!) seems to be too much for the previous version of the built-in updater, so you'll have to update that before you can update the rest of the system :)

Download this file and save it over the top of your web/update/system_update.php file. Then browse to http://your PA root URL/update/system_update.php and follow the prompts.

Once it's downloaded, click the button to verify the diff, and fix any problems it identifies (usually bad permissions in the filesystem).

Next, click the button that appears, and all the files will be updated. It should give you a detailed list of files changed, followed by (right at the bottom of the very long page) a link to click on to update the database.

Follow that link, and you should get a note saying that the DB has been updated, and a link to go back to the homepage.

If anything broke, contact me using the email link on this page, or mail phil or marc at (if I don't reply, hassle Marc and he'll tell me to get a move on!) We have a few more pre-releases to go before the real v1.2, and it would be great to know if anyone has trouble updating so I can fix it up before then.

Updating using Subversion

If you're updating with Subversion, just run svn update in your PA root directory (e.g. if your install is in /var/www/pa/web, your PA root directory is /var/www/pa), then php web/update/run_scripts.php.

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