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SF apartment bureaucracy

So, I'm in this temporary apartment, which is amazing, but way too expensive to live in for more than a couple of months. In the same building there's a much larger and nicer unit, which is also cheaper (by virtue of being unfurnished and requiring a 6-month rental). I'd like to move into the other unit, except that (a) I need to give 30 days notice to vacate my current rental and (b) the management company has an immediate move-in policy, which means that you have to start paying rent as soon as you sign a lease -- and the leasing agents seem to be very adamant that they never bend this rule. They also seem to be big fans of raising the rent between when you tour a unit and decide you want it, and three weeks later when your notice period at your old place is up.

As such, saying "I'd like to move into that other unit - how about I move right now but keep paying the higher rent until my notice period is up, so you get the same amount of money out of me except have a pricier unit free to re-lease earlier?" appears to be pointless, and so instead I'm going to have to go apartment hunting in a few weeks so that I'm not at the mercy of whatever random price increase they decide to enact. More work for me, less certainty for them. Yay big company policy.