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pycs.net has hosting problems: PycsDNSUpdate

It should move somewhere else. Where can it move to?

Decafbad:JohnCompanies - US$40/month for open source developers. This would run PythonCommunityServer very nicely, but is a little dear.

:If people are prepared to pay for community server hosting, I can set up a community server farm (see Wiki:WikiFarm) on JohnCompanies? and host pycs.net there as well. Mail me if you are interested in having your own community. -- PhillipPearson

SevaaDotCom - Very cheap. http://www.myelin.co.nz/ is hosted there and is running fine. However, the software needs to be changed to run under Apache (see PycsFuture) before it can run there.

Zope providers that might be interested in hosting for visibility and community growth:
(This would require a Zope port or agreement to run a Python server. The latter preferred.)

LaneStLabs? - http://www.lanestlabs.com/ , new Zope server, and fairly Python centric. This would require a Zope port

Amaze - http://www.zopewizards.com/ , company also runs http://freezope.org

See CommunityServerHosting

See CommunityServerHosting

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