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Introducing: New Zealand Coffee Review

It's well into 2005, and I haven't announced any new projects yet. What is getting into me?

Well, here's one:

The New Zealand Coffee Review.

This is possibly my first attempt at making a site that is actually useful for ordinary people - as opposed to bloggers or techies. Most of my projects could be described as 'proofs-of-concept', or 'widgets'. This one's just a site.

That said, if you click around, you should spot some familiar things - RSS feeds for cafes, reviews and pictures, for example. (Also available for individual cafes: e.g. feed of reviews for C-1 espresso).

Do I have any New Zealand readers? If so, please take a look - and add your favourite cafe! Right now what it needs is a good hammering to shake the bugs out, and some picky users with features they want to see. I'd love to have you on the site :-)

(P.S. I'd love some PageRank too - links to would be greatly appreciated!)

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Game Developer Magazine article about the design of Katamari Damacy.

Rogers watches other Pope-related domain owners roll in the cash.

"I know in a higher sense I did the right thing by donating the domains to Modest Needs, a great charity that continues to get record traffic, but now that my gesture has actual market value, I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day curled up in a ball saying "$150,000 dollars" over and over and eating Chunky Monkey directly out of the container." - check out the Portsmouth Sinfonia. (There's a story behind those recordings!)

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