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Old School Web 2.0

Had a nice chat with Cristian Vidmar today. It's always good to meet someone else from what I call the "old school web 2.0" crowd -- the people who were around in 2002 or so, hacking on Radio UserLand, OPML, RSS and related tech back when blogging was new and before there was any money to be made. Names who used to pop up on Scripting News a lot back then.

Nowadays most of the people I know of who fit in that category are working for Yahoo! (e.g. Les Orchard, Cameron Marlow), Six Apart (Mark Paschal), or a handful of other companies. There must be a few at Google, especially if you include the Pyra team, but it's Y! and 6A that come to mind first -- perhaps because I'm focussing on Radio hackers, who presumably were well represented on Scripting News. There's a decent concentration of us around BBM: me and Martin Spernau on the hacking side, Marc Canter on the vision/management side, and via business relations Paolo Valdemarin and Cristian. Matt Mower is off at a startup, and Dave Winer has his own thing.