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Comment tracking

Dave Winer: Every time I post a comment on a weblog I have to remember to go back and see if anyone followed up. We have to figure a way to automate this. Agree or disagree?

Agree. Now, how do we do it? Manila has the nice 'mail me any further conversation in this thread' option. That would be a worthy addition to, although that particular server is already pretty busy.

Python Community Server generates RSS feeds for comments; you can follow a particular comment thread or you can track all the comments for a site. When Dave posts to Workbench, he can use that.

What about Movable Type users? You can get a list of TrackBack pings on a page in RSS format ... how about comments? MT will also mail the blog owner when a comment appears, so it might not be that much extra effort to mail the people who've posted comments.
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Organised topics

Hey - this is brilliant. Michael Fagan is organising the topics on the Topic Exchange, in a completely unintended but incredibly sensible use of the Wiki pages that are associated with every topic.

Links to explore later

diveintomark: New news aggregator for Windows

tima thinking outloud: TrackBack in motion

Oh, and did I mention that Aaron Cope did a Perl module to help you out when interfacing to the Topic Exchange?

Creative Commons explained

New on the Topic Exchange

Is directorio_blogs_hispanos (introduction) the first non-English topic on the Internet Topic Exchange?

Good to see it's not mangling the foreign characters. Not sure what to do when people try making topic names with accented characters though - I don't think they're valid in URLs. Or are they?