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The power of open standards: Windows Live Writer worked first time when tested against PeopleAggregator

It's nice when things Just Work. I tested the new Windows Live Writer blogging client against PeopleAggregator this morning, and was pleasantly surprised that it worked perfectly on the first go. When I spelt my password wrong, the error didn't come through correctly (because I haven't got the PeopleAggregator's API code generating proper XML-RPC errors yet) but if you give it proper login credentials, everything works really well.

Here's a series of screenshots from a second run against our public install on

Initial configuration:

WLW then runs a series of tests against PA to figure out what Blogger and metaWeblog API methods it supports:

... then downloads some bits and pieces:

... then downloads about 100 files from (I'm not quite sure what the point of this is!):

There's a confirmation page:

And finally you can post!

You can see the final results here (permalink).

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PeopleAggregator v0.03/r15v1.0/r16

This is another another weekly PeopleAggregator update announcement. The latest release is v0.03/r15v1.0/r16. (Marc calls this V1.1, I think... or perhaps V1.1 is next week's release?)

Installing / upgrading

The installation and upgrade process is the same as usual; refer to my last release announcement for details.


PA v0.03/r15v1.0/r16 is built from revision 603 of our internal Subversion repository.

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