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Where should (machine-readable) microcontent go?

Les Orchard: Some thoughts about extended feeds & microcontent.

Thinking about this at the moment. I'm going to put some sort of machine-readable extension into my RSS feed of coffee reviews. This is what RVW is for, but talking to Les yesterday, it sounds like hReview tags would work just fine inside the RSS feed. I'll probably end up doing both.

Interesting to see Ken MacLeod's thoughts on storing everything in separate files - so the machine-readable data doesn't disappear when the items roll off the end of the feed. I guess this is part of the motivation for hCalendar and hReview -- you mark up your real entry, so you don't need to specifically put anything new in the feed.

Of course, it's not quite that easy, because the feeds and HTML displays for aren't actually the same (seeing as it's not really a blog), so I'll have to do it all twice. Oh well, such is life.