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PyCS RSS comment feed help

Just got a question from Rogers Cadenhead about the PyCS comment RSS feeds. You can get lots of different types of comment feeds. This information is taken from Georg's PyCS RSS comment feed announcement mailing-list post.

The URL for your comment feed looks like this:

That gives you a feed for user #1. Change the number after 'full=' to get various different types of data in your feed:

- full=1: a feed with shortened description elements (only the first 40 bytes)

- full=2: a feed with full description elements

- full=3: the same as full=2, but including all comments (the others only include the last 14 days of comments)

So if you want to download all your blog's comments at once, fetch with full=3. Subscribing to that might suck up a fair bit of bandwidth (I'd recommend full=2 for tracking comments in an aggregator), but if you need them all for some reason (changing comment servers?), use full=3.
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Sick of the heat in the northern hemisphere? Come to New Zealand. It's cold.
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